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Strategic Training Solutions offers customized training programs, human resource management consulting and organizational development services for small businesses, corporations, not for profit organizations and education institutions.

Sales Strategies

From basic “Sales101” skills development to setting goals and motivating teams, STS has worked with professionals at every organizational level to reach new heights.

Mapping for Success:  One of the most important aspects of positioning and penetrating a targeted clients organization is to “map” through the company. This hands-on sales class provides participants with insight into the thought process of decision- makers through strategic account selection and top-down sales techniques.

Negotiating a Win-Win: Are You Leaving Money on the Table?  Today’s customers know what they want… and that’s for you to give them the best deal! How do you accomplish this and maintain the “seller’s advantage?” This class focuses on the importance of how to win clients and influence people to achieve a win-win outcome.

Sales Boot Camp:  This class provides a hands-on, interactive approach to developing an effective sales approach. The STS Sales Boot Camp includes an overview of the sales process, prospecting and lead generation, negotiating skills, understanding sales and buying "styles", how to deliver a great sales presentation, how to ask the right questions, selling features vs. benefits, managing objections and closing skills. 

Strategic Account Development:   Prospecting is a vital part of developing new business, and there are a number of different strategies to pursue to ultimately win the business. This class engages in a frank discussion about the importance of prospecting.

Successful Strategies for Sales Managers:  Creativity, assertiveness, organization, confidence and sales savvy are just a few of the characteristics needed to be a successful sales person. Moving up to a management role in sales requires you to bring more, from leadership skills to marketing strategy and financial acumen. This program teaches new sales managers how to set goals and objectives for their sales team, develop a strategic plan, delegate responsibilities, lead sales meetings and motivate staff to higher levels of success.


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