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Strategic Training Solutions offers customized training programs, human resource management consulting and organizational development services for small businesses, corporations, not for profit organizations and education institutions.

Leadership and Management Skills

STS Leadership and Management Skills training programs are designed to develop skills, increase employee confidence, and strengthen team relationships. Our teambuilding curriculum combines fun and challenging group exercises that promote open communication, idea sharing, and trust.

Accountability for Communication and Teamwork: No Fault Leadership saves time, money and business relationships, shifting the focus from blaming to problem solving. This program helps managers resolve everyday problems, focusing on minimizing errors and limiting the mistakes that can otherwise lead to poor performance and dysfunction between staff, departments, leaders and teams.

Achieving Organizational Excellence through Talent Management: Talent Management is the practice of developing and guiding high performing employees to contribute to an organization's success and growth. This program explores the strategies and programs that can be implemented to retain talent and recruit talented individuals who possess the fit, attitude and ability to be successful in your organization. 

Communicating Across The Multi Generational Workplace: An increasingly important issue for today's human resource manager is to bridge the gaps that exist between workers from up to four different generations. The STS MultiGen Workshop offers employers a fun, highly interactive training program designed to enhance the understanding of, and communication between workers, to improve productivity at each level of your organization.     

Creating a Culture of Employee Engagement: An "engaged employee" is one who is fully committed to and enthusiastic about their work. These employees are actively engaged to support the goals of their organization. This program offers managers and supervisors strategies a model to build a culture of engagement in their organization. 

Developing Dynamic Work Teams: This program is designed to support employees who need to build their strengths and address their weaknesses in working in a team-oriented environment. Participants are given an Effective Team Member Profile®, as they learn the key factors that improve teamwork, including team direction and roles, the focus on commitment, communication and more.

Managing through Transition and Change: The dynamics of change continue to challenges today's employers, and often act as  deterrent to the flow of ideas and innovation. These constant changes create stress for individuals and teams and inhibit productivity. This class explores the feelings and behaviors employees experience during change, and how they affect team dynamics, and develops an action plan designed to overcome these challenges.  

Moving from Conflict to Collaboration: Creating win-win outcomes can only be accomplished through collaboration. Dealing swiftly and effectively with conflict promotes unity, creates positive employee morale, increases productivity, and places emphasis on shared goals and visions. In this class, participants learn how to identify the conditions that lead to stress and conflict, and how to overcome the emotional barriers associated with conflict in the workplace.

Performance Management: One of the ongoing challenges for human resources managers today is to complete their performance evaluations on time. This program is designed to enhance managers ability to complete and deliver performance evaluations. Topic content includes the importance of sharing feedback, preparing reviews, using objective language, avoiding the "halo/horn' effect, and how to handle difficult responses. 

Time Mastery: Got a minute? Every day we are faced with tighter deadlines, competing priorities, endless meetings, countless interruptions and higher expectations to produce quality work. These are some of today’s time challenges we need to address, each and every day. The STS Time Mastery course offers innovative, time-tested solutions to assist your organization in planning, organizing and prioritizing workloads, to promote productivity and limit wasted time.

Train the Trainer: Today’s managers and supervisors need to balance their abilities to direct, lead, teach, coach and manage. This program reviews and develops the skills needed to facilitate departmental training with a highly targeted, focused and fun

What is the DiSC® Personality Profile? The DiSC® Personality Profile survey assesses an individual’s behavioral tendencies in four behavioral categories – Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness.  The best teams are composed of individuals that possess a variety of behavioral styles, and there is no “best” or “worst” style. DiSC® results are used to improve communication, develop a better understanding of one’s behavioral tendencies, provide a framework for managing others, improve sales relationships, assist team members in their understanding of those they work with, and learn how to adapt their style to work more effectively. Learn more.

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