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Customer Service

With a focus on creating an environment of hospitality, our customer service classes train employees on how to exceed expectations, provide service recovery and promote organization and brand loyalty.

Creating an Environment of Hospitality:  In order to successfully service both internal and external customers, successful organizations promote a culture of hospitality. This program examines your customer’s expectations of your staff and organization, and the danger of providing inconsistent service. This class evaluates the “cycle of service” to understand your customers experience with your company. How does appearance and body language impact and influence the communication process? How do customer perceptions become reality and influence their impression of your company? This program addresses these and other critical issues, and offers a service recovery model that will assist your team in successfully resolving complaints and diffusing uncomfortable situations.

Delivering Superior Customer Service:  This customer service class takes the “environment of hospitality” one step further. When an organization wants to exceed expectations, it is no longer about delivering good customer service; it is about anticipating the customers’ needs and providing a “wow” factor that will keep customers coming back time after time. This class examines hospitality industry standards for customer service, and how to address guest expectations to provide a special touch at every turn. This class is part of an organizational development process designed to work on transforming a company’s view of service, from the executive desk to the point-of-service.


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