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Strategic Training Solutions offers customized training programs, human resource management consulting and organizational development services for small businesses, corporations, not for profit organizations and education institutions.

Enhancing Communication

Our communication classes deliver results! Key topics include proactive listening, organizing message content, understanding communication styles and learning how to communicate across all levels.

The ABC’s of Business Writing:  Every letter, memo, proposal and e-mail you write are windows into you and your organization. As electronic communications have become a primary tool to engage your clients, business partners and colleagues, your ability to clearly articulate yourself in writing is more important than ever. This program provides useful tips on how to develop your message to make a positive and powerful impression. Key topic include how to overcome common grammatical errors, address punctuation and spelling problems, overcome writer’s block and proofread for success.

Building Relationships for Great Communication:  “It’s not what you say, but how you say it!” This program focuses on ways to improve internal and external work relationships through the use of effective verbal and nonverbal communication skills. Participants learn how to communicate their needs that lead to positive results, how to defuse difficult situations, and how to provide constructive feedback using tact and diplomacy. This program also explores how appearance and body language impact and influence the communication process, and how perceptions and realities are often the same.

Networking for Success: As any great businessperson will tell you, the key to a successful career is your ability to network, network, network! This highly interactive program has participants up on their feet, as they learn something new about everyone in the room. Topics include How to Use the “Six Degrees of Separation” Theory when socializing to create a growing, expanding and influential network.

Presentation Skills: Whether speaking to one person or 100, a presenter’s message must be delivered clearly, succinctly and powerfully. This hands on, interactive program provides expert instruction delivered by experienced professionals, and includes how to learn and practice presentation skills through video, personal feedback and coaching via a peer review process. Discussion topics include: The Key Characteristics of a Polished Professional Speaker, How to Prepare for a Presentation, Using Movement, Eye Contact and Body language, How to Effectively Communicate, and Utilizing Engaging Visual Aide Techniques.


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