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Strategic Training Solutions offers customized training programs, human resource management consulting and organizational development services for small businesses, corporations, not for profit organizations and education institutions.

Human Resources Development

Your organization’s most important resource is its talent. STS offers programs that assist your HR department or function to improve performance and productivity, reinforce positive behaviors, and create a more respectful and professional work environment.

Performance Management: For this program, STS incorporates your organization’s performance management system to teach managers about the importance of engaging in a year-round coaching and feedback approach. Key topics include how to write objective, job-focused performance reviews, the importance of setting clear goals and expectations, and how to conduct an effective performance appraisal meeting.

To help companies strengthen skills to proactively manage career development, STS offers two workshops, Owning Your Development and Supporting Your Employees Development. These workshops are designed to help employees and managers increase their organizational contributions by establishing a stronger link between work satisfaction and job performance in support of your organization’s mission, vision and goals. 

Here is a brief overview of these exciting new programs:

Owning Your Development
(Designed for Managers)

Supporting Your Employees Development
(Employee Program)

Identify how the changing work environment shapes career development Identify key messages to convey about your employees potential
Take steps to enhance job satisfaction through development activities Clarify your coaching role and that of your employees
How to access your organization’s development resources Practice handling difficult coaching conversations
How to create a personal development plan to maximize employee potential How to implement a long-term culture of performance management

Behavioral-Based Interviewing: This program provides an introduction to the process for behavioral interviewing to help managers in the critically important task of selecting applicants with the best opportunity to succeed. Participants explore key issues in the hiring process, including: a review of how to avoid or limit the high costs of poor selection practices, how to determine key indicators of past behavior that may predict future job performance and behavior, and how to develop open-ended, probing questions to gain insight about a candidate’s past performance, work ethic and character. Participants also learn what questions should be included, and which should be avoided during the interview process. This program is designed to meet your company’s specific needs for filling open positions while maintaining long-term organizational objectives.

Coaching For Success:  Companies face an ongoing challenge to resolve employee performance and behavioral issues. This program will teach managers how to use coaching and counseling as an effective strategic tool, to improve performance, reinforce positive behaviors, and identify situations where discipline may be applied appropriately.

Creating A Harassment-Free Workplace: This program is designed to enhance the level of trust among employees and teams. Participants learn how to teach employees how to define harassment, and includes a review of basic information about federal and state laws and major court cases, a discussion about effective and appropriate behavior for handling different situations, and a review of company specific harassment policies. This program reviews various forms of harassment, with a specific focus on sexual harassment, and may be customized to meet state-level harassment training policies, laws and requirements.

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