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In case you haven't noticed, the end of the year is coming up quickly! And whether we are ready or not, another whirlwind year is about to come to a close. For many, this is the start of a special time to gather with friends and family. As we return from the Thanksgiving holiday, we are also thinking of those less fortunate, and remember they need our help and support.
HRG has been working to establish strategic partnerships between nonprofit organizations and area businesses for more than 20 years. In this month's HRG Newsletter, we review the important role businesses are playing to provide the resources needed to better our communities.
Please join us at our 13th annual  You Are 'Cause' For Celebration event on Monday, December 10th at the CV Rich Mansion in White Plains, presented by Entergy, with support from our friends from Westchester Bank, Caperberry Events, Robison Oil, the County of Westchester, Corporate AV, and our media partner, Westfair Communications.   
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Cause Marketing and Strategic Philanthropy- 
Doing Well/Doing Good

We live and work in a world that often seems chaotic, with constant pressure to generate outcomes. And while our society values hard work, we often reflect at this time of year and think beyond growing market share and expanding our stock portfolios.
Meanwhile, in a parallel universe, people are hard at work trying to achieve goals that have nothing to do with profits.

As we all succeed by working together, a growing number of companies have been partnering to support organizations that are so critical to improving our quality of life.   
Business Investments In Causes- The Payoff
With a continued strong economy, more companies are engaging in various forms of strategic philanthropy to help their community and enhance their market reputation.  This strategy is not about disguising self-serving activities under a veil of good intentions or to merely sell products.  It's about showing consumers that your company cares about its community.
Recent research by Fortune Magazine has shed new light on the growing support from companies who are finding that promoting the "greater good" is actually also good for their bottom lines. Today, they have come to recognize that giving to important causes reflects well on their brands.

Area Businesses Leading the Charge
Here in our own home county of Westchester, there are many examples of businesses that have invested their time and resources to support the nonprofit community. 

Examples include:
Heineken USA - This global brand powerhouse based in White Plains is "Driving innovative, purposeful sustainability and responsibility programs by embedding Brewing a Better World (BaBW) into our business" BaBW serves as the foundation for how the company operates, interacts with others, builds relationships and brings their brands to market "responsibly."  
MasterCard -  This financial services leader based in Purchase, NY promotes their support for "a sustainable future in everything we do, every day", and their corporate support also includes "advancing social sustainability, conducting business in an open and transparent way, and responsibly managing our environmental footprint."   
Other smaller businesses with a regional footprint are also deeply involved in promoting the growth of important causes, with notable examples that include:
Westchester Bank  -  This regional financial services company supports a wide range of charitable causes, ranging from the March of Dimes March for Babies to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Their CEO, John Tolomer, is one of the most visible figures in the Westchester area, and their commitment to area causes is an important part of their strategy to support the community and offer services as a community bank. 
Robison Oil - T his company, owned and operated by the Singer family, has sponsored and supported cause organizations for decades. Some recent examples include the  Westchester Association of Development Officers, and the Original Energy Shine a Light on Veterans  project that offers area municipalities the opportunity to install LED lighting at Veterans memorial sites at no cost.

Unitex - For more than 90 years, this family-run business has been leading the way in the medical uniform and linen rental industry. The largest family-owned healthcare service provider in the country, Unitex sponsors and supports several area nonprofit organizations, including Boys & Girls Club of Mt. Vernon. 
Wilson and Son Jewelers - This family-run business based in Scarsdale has supported a growing number of important local causes, including the Westchester Philharmonic, Boys & Girls Club of Northern Westchester, Hoff Barthelson Music School, Greyston Bakery, American Diabetes Association and Visiting Nurse Service of Westchester.
The Bottom Line - and Beyond
The importance of giving and sponsorship have evolved into "strategic philanthropy" as companies large and small demonstrate their support and provide a higher profile for their business at the same time.
With the growing pressures on governments and the private sector to cut back on spending, business leaders are filling the void, and they are finding that their efforts have helped them grow their market share through positive PR. 
HRG recommends businesses and nonprofit come together and consider what we have found to be best practices in developing a mutually beneficial relationship:
Establish a true partnership of equals - it is very important for each entity to approach the relationship openly, and pursue it based upon  complementary interests and shared goals. Many companies find that it is more rewarding and fulfilling to participate in their efforts as well as sponsoring it.
Think small - Research organizations in your community where smaller donations and limited resources can have a big impact. Support a new project or nonprofit group , and you will notice how your contributions make a tangible, visible and measurable difference.
Align with your business mission - Your sponsorship should be linked to your overall market strategy , and leverage your products, services, and areas of expertise to support your cause.
Lead by example - Setting up a charity or volunteering demonstrates to your employees that your company is visibly connected with your community.  
Get the Word Out! - Most nonprofits have limited PR experience or resources, and they need outside help. Promote your charitable activities in your newsletters, social media, and website.
The people in your community should know about your partnership and how you are working together to improve it.

Are you interested in engaging in a cause that aligns your company mission and promotes your good will? Give us a call at (914)761-7111 or email us
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