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We are very excited about the arrival of Spring, and hope you are enjoying it as much as we are!  The season seems to bring out our creative side, as we engage our clients to come up with fresh ideas and innovative concepts that create truly memorable event experiences.
In this April edition of our HRG Newsletter, we review the various elements of event design themes and the importance of developing fresh design concepts to improve participation and sponsorships that generate a higher return on your investment.
We hope you find these tips and techniques to be helpful in your event planning, and look forward to hearing from you about topics you would like to see us cover in future editions. As always, you can find this newsletter and post a comment on our 
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Innovative Event Design Concepts- Keeping it Fresh 
In last month's newsletter, we reviewed the role of marketing and communication in the development of an effective event strategy that produces the results you and your organization are looking to achieve. And while event planning, marketing and execution are paramount to the successful event, there is always the challenge of coming up with new design concepts that will generate that "wow" factor that resonates with your attendees, sponsors and strategic partners.

What are some of the key elements in developing a memorable and effective event concept?

1. Event Theme - The development of a creative event concept differs greatly between gala fundraisers and private corporate events, but the challenges remain the same in coming up with new ideas that resonate with their respective attendees.


The key to creating a new design concept is to fully understand the audience, the organization, and trending topics that will work in a given time and place. It is absolutely essential to carefully consider any generational differences and shifts over time, and come up with themes that work on different organizational levels that entice participation and fully engage.

2. Venue - Depending on your theme and location, and the time of year, your options may vary, but typically include hotels, convention centers, and ballrooms.

The selection of your event venue should dovetail closely with your theme, and help generate the outcomes you plan to achieve . What does the space offer in terms of acoustics, lighting, and seating options? Where is it located with respect to your radius of attendees? Are there adequate transportation options? What seasonal issues or opportunities should you consider (particularly for outdoor options)?
3. Guest Speakers - To fully leverage a creative event design concept, you need effective speakers to help drive home your theme. And though we need to keep an eye on budget and organizational goals, your choice of speakers and entertainment that match your theme will go a long way towards achieving your desired outcomes.
A key consideration here is to find a speaker who can cover contemporary issues and come across as credible and qualified to speak to the trending topic. This will also offer sponsors the highest level of value, and tie in with their effort to align their brand with your attendees and organization .

4. Food and Beverage - For many event attendees, this is as important as any other factor in their event experience. Creativity is crucial, and with the growing interest in culinary arts, your choices are unlimited.

The F&B options should be tailored to match the theme, as they will literally and figuratively leave a good taste in the mouths of the attendees. A major trend to consider in F&B is to source locally. You can also make the F&B preparation a part of your engagement goals, including, for example, offering attendees an opportunity to work with their fellow attendees to prepare the meal.
5. Entertainment - There are a number of factors to consider in planning your entertainment options, starting with your budget. When it comes to entertainment, it has become very challenging to meet the interests of a wide range of demographics and generational preferences.
As audience engagement has become tremendously important to today's event attendees, particularly millennials, planners need to offer more innovative options, from interactive arts to music that engages and entertains across multiple generational and organizational levels.
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Event Design: Delivering Innovative Solutions

Think your event design theme could use a fresh approach? The HRG Event Solutions team is here to help you create and implement innovative event design solutions!

HRG Event Solutions develops, plans and manages high profile events for corporations, not-for-profit organizations, small businesses, business organizations and higher education client partners. Event Solutions is committed to providing the highest level of service in event planning and execution, creating powerful brand experiences that educate, influence and impact their audiences.

To learn more about our custom designed event design and management solutions, call Hospitality Resource Group's Event Solutions Team today at (914) 761-7111 or email Walter@HRGinc.net
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