March 2016
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Have you ever come away from a networking event wishing you were just a little bit better at meeting new people?
Are you comfortable and confident when you try to engage a prospective client?  
Do you struggle to respond when someone asks you what your company offers to a new business contact?
Networking has always played an important role in growing a business, and our ability to engage effectively can enhance our prospects. And though you may not ever become the lead brand ambassador for your organization, everyone can contribute to communicate your message.
At HRG, our entire team is totally committed to our network, a close community of clients, colleagues, strategic partners, workforce and government leaders and not-for-profit organizations. Recently, our chairman and founder Robert Sanders was recognized as one of the 50 people "you need to know" in Westchester by 914 Magazine , with other public and private sector leaders. 

In this edition of our HRG Newsletter, we review the importance of networking in generating referrals, and share some of our best practices we have developed to grow our markets. We look forward to hearing from you about this topic, along with others you may be interested in learning more about. If you have not already, we invite you to Follow us on our 
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Wishing you continued success!

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Walter J. Recher
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Building Your Relationship and Networking Savvy
In today's hyper-connected world, many struggle with poor networking skills, due to lack of confidence or experience, and others utilize technology as a substitute to forming meaningful business relationships. These shortcomings present serious obstacles for organizations to grow, as noted in an important study on employee engagement by the Aberdeen Group, which found: 
  • Top-performing companies (the top 20%) averaged a 19% year-over-year increase in employee referrals
  • Average-performing companies (middle 50%) reported an increase of 10%
  • The bottom 30% of performing companies actually saw a 6% decrease in employee referrals
Engaging Your Network- Be Strategic in Your Approach
Most of us who work in a competitive market recognize the value of good networking skills to generate referrals, but many lack the experience and capabilities they need. And for some, the mere thought of public speaking and meeting new people can be as frightening as walking a tightrope over the Grand Canyon. So how do you become an accomplished and effective networker?
The first step is to determine what you are hoping to accomplish by attending a meeting or networking event. Start by asking yourself: 
  • Are you looking to generate new business through referrals?
  • Do you need to meet people who are recognized as "Centers of Influence" in your market or industry that can help you gain access to others?
  • Will your participation in this event help project your support for an organization, issue, initiative or program? 
On Being Well-Connected
The next step is to develop your plan and approach in creating meaningful business relationships. 

Here are some of the tips and techniques we have found to be effective at HRG in building and managing a professional network:
  • Check the attendee list- know who registered (in advance, if possible) and plan your event strategy
  • Set a goal- identify who you need to know- and who needs to know you!
  • Be prepared- ask questions that may be of interest to your targeted contacts
  • Practice your pitch- when someone asks what you do, be brief, clear and concise
  • Stay current- catch up on trending events, particularly in your target contact's industry
  • Work the room - be strategic and tactical about your audience, and the way you position with them
  • Be patient - don't try to sell anything upon first meeting someone
  • Ask what you can do for them! - This is the best way to start building a relationship
Developing an effective professional network requires an ongoing commitment to building long-term relationships with a clear, consistent message.

At HRG, we work hard every day to engage and expand our relationships with our clients, strategic partners and community, as they form the bedrock of our business.
Do you or your team need help developing your networking strategy and skills to become better brand ambassadors? HRG's Strategic Training Solutions offers customized group training and career coaching on how to create and cultivate a professional network.

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