August 2016
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We've hit that stretch of time again, as the days are longer, the sun stronger, and  traffic is a bit lighter on the way to work. As many of us are racing to head out for a well-deserved vacation at the beach, near a lake, or in the mountains before summer slips away, we look forward to enjoying life at a slower pace.

But what if
, when you returned from vacation, you actually slowed down and, in the process, were able to accomplish so much more?

In this edition of our HRG Newsletter, we take a brief look at the advantages of taking more time to be more focused, and accomplishing more- with less effort.

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The Summer Season- Slowdown to Work Smarter 
In today's hyper-paced world, many of us are challenged to produce more work in less time- with less resources at our disposal. Some of us do it well enough, while others struggle. These hurdles present serious obstacles to achieve our goals, and we try to cram more work into each and every day.  
A recent article in FAST COMPANY, Five Ways Working More Slowly Can Boost Your Productivity discussed how many of us are working longer and harder, despite huge advances in technology. In fact, the U.S. Department of Labor recently reported that productivity (hourly output per worker), actually declined at a 3% annual rate in the fourth quarter of 2015-the biggest drop since the 1Q 2014. 
And so, it's not surprising to learn that, according to Forbes, the meditation and "mindfulness" industry raked in nearly $1 billion" last year. Virtually everyone wants to slow down!

Here's why slowing your pace can actually help you work smarter-and even become more productive.
1. You'll Realize You Have More Time Than You Think
Can it be true that feeling like you're constantly short on time is a state of mind? Carl Honoré, the author of In Praise of Slow, said that "It is what we do when the pressure is off, and there is time to let ideas simmer on the back burner. It yields rich, nuanced insights and sometimes, surprising breakthroughs." 
2. You Can Think More Rationally
In his book Thinking, Fast and Slow, Daniel Kahneman describes two systems of thought-one fast and automatic (our survival instinct or "sympathetic" nervous system), the other slower and more logical (our "parasympathetic" nervous system, which has helped us evolve to achieve rational thought). Kahneman argues that the "impact of overconfidence in business strategies, and the "profound effect of cognitive biases on everything from playing the stock market to planning our next vacation" can be explained by the interactions between those two systems.
3. You Become A Better Listener

As our communication becomes more efficient and effective, and we become more engaged and focused, we make less mistakes and limit repeating, reworking , and revising plans and projects.
4. You'll Better Rectify Mistakes-And Avoid Them More Often

Multitasking gives us the illusion of productivity, but much of our time is spent "firefighting"-trying to clean up the mess from past decisions made too hastily, which could have been better thought through." Sound familiar? "With so much information inundating us at the same time, our brains can't differentiate between what's important and what isn't." As our productivity goes down, our memory becomes blurred. But when we slow own, we can view and understand fine details, and then make better decisions.

5. You'll Teach Your Brain To Slow Down On Its Own

Here, we can learn to be more effective by changing our experiences, as we can actually reshape our brains and cause them to function differently without having to make as great a deliberate mental effort.

The Summer Season- Hurry Up and Slow Down!

We hope you take some time to think about the benefits of slowing down. But when you come back to work ready to push forward on your event planning, marketing strategy, or workforce development initiative, give us a call at (914) 761-7111 or email us
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