October 2015
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A Letter from our Chairman:

Innovation and entrepreneurship have always been at the center of a growing organization, and that has never been more true than it is today.  Everywhere you look, creative minds are coming together to lead new markets, from small business startups to corporations, not for profits and yes, even in government.

At HRG, we formed our company to respond to an increase in demand for customized solutions to business problems in our market. Now, more than 18 years after our launch in 1997, we continue to wake up every day thinking about how we can respond to our clients with more creative ways to meet their challenges. From event management consulting to tailored corporate training programs and brand marketing, our team embodies the entrepreneurial spirit in everything we do.

In this month's HRG newsletter, we examine the growing influence of entrepreneurship, and provide insight into how you can apply their principles to improve your prospects. 
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Wishing you continued success this fall!

All the best,

Robert O. Sanders, Jr., CMP
Founder and Chairman
Hospitality Resource Group, Inc.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship- Breaking Down Barriers 

The continued rise of the entrepreneur has been spurred by an increasing demand from a wide spectrum of organizations that need to respond to the dynamics of change, from competition, consolidation, and cost-cutting. Examples are everywhere, as hard-driving pioneers with the vision, leadership, and inspirational pull have toppled tipping points across a variety of industries to spur further economic growth.  From Uber to Salesforce, and Snapchat to Twitter, entrepreneurs are leaving their mark in ways previously unimaginable. 

And while not everyone can be a Jeff Bezos, Sergey Brin, Howard Schultz, or Richard Branson, entrepreneurs and innovative leaders have had an impact on every corner of our society. Here in Westchester, where a guy named Zuckerberg started thinking about a social media concept that would connect the world, other entrepreneurs and innovative leaders are emerging. Consider:
Aris Baras, Executive Director, Regeneron Genetics Center, at WCA HealthTech 2015


Regeneron, the fastest growing biopharmaceutical company in the U.S., continues to expand, as the former startup ranked in the top 4 most innovative companies by Forbes Magazine continues to announce new research and breakthrough drugs from their headquarters in Greenburgh, N.Y. 

The Hudson Valley Economic Development Corporation has been a powerful force in promoting job growth, encouraging entrepreneurs to collaborate in a number of key industries. The HVEDC is the leading economic development agency for the seven-county Hudson Valley region, and has been a driving force in creating organizational, branding and promotional efforts for NY BioHud Valley, the Hudson Valley Food & Beverage Alliance, Hudson Valley 3D Printing and Hudson Valley EDs & MEDs.


Slovenia spokesmen Mikhail Baryshnikov and Bill Murray with Peter Kelly.

Slovenia Vodka - founded by "serial entrepreneur" and celebrity chef Peter X. Kelly of Xaviar's Restaurant Group, this vodka has won accolades and awards around the world.  


WMC Telehealth Center Photo credit_ Westchester Business Journal

Westchester Medical Group (WMC) - this rapidly expanding regional network now includes seven hospitals here in the Hudson Valley. By early 2016, their patients will be able to connect through telemedicine to their Valhalla campus and access experts in complex medical care at a new world-class facility.
Entrepreneurship-It's All About Attitude

The entrepreneur sees the world as full of possibilities. And while we heard in Back to the Future that "where we're going, we don't need roads", some of us need to rely on others to guide us on our own road to success.

At the HVEDC, President and CEO Larry Gottlieb is rapidly transforming his organization into an innovative resource for area businesses to collaborate and leverage the collective value and assets of the Hudson Valley in a variety of industries, from food and beverage to education and healthcare. In 2016, the HVEDC will offer aspiring entrepreneurs the Bet on My Business program, offered in partnership with HRG's Strategic Training Solutions.

In government, the Westchester Putnam Workforce Development Board has launched an innovative partnership in healthcare. Funded by a $9.8M federal grant and managed by the Westchester County Association, this unique collaboration will prepare and position prospective employees for jobs with area healthcare employers, and provide a catalyst to spur the development of education and training programs as a public/private partnership between the WCA, area employers and higher education.

This past summer, HRG worked with BodyArmor, the fastest growing energy drink on the market, to position their products at a major event to raise funds for the American Diabetes Association. BodyArmor investors include Kobe Bryant, and they have received endorsements by Mike Trout, Jordan Spieth, Rob Gronkowski, and other high profile professional athletes. 

Enterprising Entrepreneurs- What to Look for

Mark Twain once said that "I was seldom able to see an opportunity until it had ceased to be one." And while many of us today do not understand the mind of an entrepreneur, a new book   Idea Stormers: How to Lead and Inspire Creative Breakthroughs   sheds light on the attributes of creative people and the way they think and act, that we can all learn from. These include:

  1. Forever curious. Endless curiosity is the number one indication of the creative mindset. It allows entrepreneurs to challenge what is already "known", extrapolate that to an original idea, and then turn it into a reality.
  2. Always open to new things. Thinking this way can allow the creative mind time and space to generate interesting insights, associations, and connections.
  3. Embrace ambiguity. To the creative mind, contradictions are an invitation to more focused creative thought, to derive a new, un-ambiguous, potentially great idea.
  4. Searching for integrity. This is the desire to discover, and the belief that an insight or connection will unite seemingly disparate elements into a single integrated whole.
  5. Knowing you can solve the problem. This is the confidence that you can tackle the difficult, even seemingly impossible challenges to make a creative breakthrough.
  6. Think the opposite. Some of the most creative entrepreneurs seem to jump to the opposite end of the spectrum from conventional wisdom. Many times, to think differently and creatively, you have to think illogically. 
Developing an Entrepreneurial Approach-The Value of Strategic Partnerships  

Many organizations go about their business guided by past experiences, and they often fall victim to the pitfalls that result from an inward-oriented way of thinking. Working with a firm with fresh ideas and insight offers a new option to consider in developing a growth-oriented strategy.

Looking for a creative partner to help plan your next event, develop a customized training program, or build your brand? HRG's Event Solutions, Strategic Training Solutions and Allegis Communications can offer you highly experienced management resources to help plan, develop, produce and manage your next project. To schedule an initial consultation, give us a call at 
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