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We hope you enjoyed your summer, and are off to a fantastic start to your fall season! Here at HRG, we return reenergized and revitalized, and looking forward to finishing the year on a high note.
As Meeting and Event Planners start their last push for this year and make plans for 2019, we turn to technology to help us produce the results that our management teams demand. But technology alone doesn't work for us unless - or until - we understand our client's needs.
In this edition of our HRG newsletter, we review key developments in event management software that are helping planners reach their goals and generate tremendous outcomes, as they combine an intimate knowledge of their client with customized, cost-effective solutions.
We look forward to hearing from you about these and other topics you are interested in learning more about in future editions of our HRG newsletter. As always, if you would like to learn more about this or any other topics in event planning, customized training, or brand marketing, come visit us and post on our LinkedIn
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M&E Tech Delivers More Effective Management Resources

The role of technology in event planning and management continues to grow and evolve, as M&E Planners have embraced and invested in powerful new tools to help them be more organized and generate a higher ROI.
From the growth in e-business cards to facilitate introductions, to the use of private social media chatrooms and facial recognition for check-ins, tech is playing a more central role in engaging event attendees and enhancing their experiences. And while there are many different applications, the bottom line remains the same on how event planners define success.

Source: Bizzabo Blog
One example of how technology has transformed event management is in event registration, as this mundane task has shifted from the organizer to the participants enabling planners free up their time to focus on engaging attendees and help them with their individual and group interests.
However, despite advances in tech solutions, many planners still cite event registration as a major concern. A recent study by Etouches indicated that 42% of respondents see event technology as a pain point.
Event Management Software- Driving ROI to New Heights
One area where event planners seem to agree on is event management software, as this indispensable tech tool has emerged to become their most important resource. According to Boston, MA - based market research firm Mordor Intelligence, the global event management software market is projected to double by 2023, from $6.89B in 2017 to $12.5B in 2023, a CAGR of 10.45% from 2018-2023. In fact, UK-based Maximillion reports that today, 57% of event planners use event management software.
What Are The Benefits of Event Management Software?
With the seemingly never-ending quest to generate the highest of ROI, event management software offers a myriad of opportunities to streamline or automate back office processes.
Today, there are literally hundreds of event management solutions with varying levels of complexities and costs, as described in this list and ranking of companies. Despite the differences among so many options, most offer a high level of value in creating efficiencies that are proven to improve accuracy and result in cost savings.
Key benefits include:
1. Improve Communication

Event management software enables planners to coordinate a multitude of tasks and activities, and work more efficiently across teams, including sales & marketing, logistics, accounting and travel management. Any change in venue, speakers, sponsors, require rapid responses and smooth coordination among teams, and the right software can really deliver.
2. Lower Costs

As with any technology, event management software offers access, visibility and collaboration opportunities that allow us to simply do more with less, More data and information enables varying levels of viewing and - for the lead manager - an opportunity to review the entire event operation, This visibility cuts down on time, travel, printing, meeting space, and more, all of which contribute to improving your ability to manage expenses and control budgets that lead to cost savings. 
3. Automate Tasks

Event management software can automate many aspects of the event management process and reduce the time it takes to complete tasks. Smaller teams can perform multiple tasks with the aid of a good event solution. Examples include code free event web builders, online registration, eblasts on event updates, autoresponders and data management.  
4. Improve Workflow

The best event management software solutions help you manage every detail, from promotion to on-site operation and post-event evaluations. These include event planning, marketing and post-analytics survey platforms. Reviewing event reports, participation, attendance, location, and post-event analytics enable the planner to engage in an entire review and management of every detail from their desktop, laptop tablet or even a smartphone. 
5. Enhance Database Management

Building and managing your event database is arguably the most important factor for generating positive outcomes. From printing badges with up to the minute data to mobile event marketing, attendee engagement and post-event communication, event management software offers tremendous value in managing your contacts. A centralized database viewable on a single dashboard enables planners to view registration details, real-time and post-event analytics and reports.
Event Management Software- The Bottom Line
There are many event management software options to choose from ranging from high end, comprehensive commercial solutions including Cvent, to more basic software (i.e. EventBrite and other more rudimentary, low-cost offerings). Regardless of the software you choose, it is most important for the event planner to be able to fully leverage their investment by being as knowledgeable and responsive as possible to their audience and attendees.
By combining effective event management software with an experienced team that can collaborate and work together well, you can fully leverage the insights and information at your fingertips to achieve your event goals.
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