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We hope you are enjoying the fall season! As the leaves colors start to turn and change is in the air, we seem to be splitting our time looking back, taking stock of this year, as we make plans for the next.  
2019 will be here before we know it, and for those in human resource management, there are new laws to consider to make sure their organizations  are in position to be as productive as possible.
In this month's HRG Newsletter, we review a major new law that was introduced this month that is sure to affect how we work and interact with colleagues and management alike.
We hope you find this information to be helpful in your planning for the year to come, and look forward to hearing from you about these and other topics you are interested in learning more about in future editions of our HRG newsletter. As always, if you would like to learn more about this or any other topics in event planning, customized training, or brand marketing, come visit us and post on our LinkedIn
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Wishing you all the best for continued success!

Laura McNerney
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Building Respect in a Diverse Workplace

Workplace behavior is a topic that is currently dominating the news, from social media to primetime television. Sexual misconduct, hostile work environments, and inappropriate workplace behavior have become increasingly common in our day to day lives.
As business organizations grapple with this growing concern, senior executives are meeting with human resource management to discuss how to respond to this growing problem, as it has the potential to have a long-term debilitating effect on workplace cohesiveness, productivity, and job satisfaction.
The MeToo movement has brought this topic into further focus and has helped drive home the importance of creating a safe, engaged, and productive workplace.
New York State Law Creates Compliance Issue for Area Employers
To address this growing issue, New York State has passed a new law that came into effect on October 3rd. This law includes guidelines designed to combat sexual harassment in the workplace, and employers are starting to review details of this plan and consider what steps they need to follow to comply with it.
Some of the key guidelines of this new law include:
  • All New York State employees must complete training each year, and the deadline to train all employees is October 9, 2019.
  • New hires must be trained as soon as possible following their hire date.
  • Companies must implement the state's model sexual harassment policy, or review their existing policy, and modify it to meet the new NY State standards.
  • The new sexual harassment policy must include a complaint form for submission of claims.
  • Specific guidelines must be followed for nondisclosure agreements.
Employer Compliance - The Time for Action is Now!
Now that New York State has released its final recommendations, it is time for companies to begin to take action.
NY State now offers employers access to sample policies, forms and training materials on the NY State web site.
As the new law has recently been introduced, employers are starting to search for help from companies who are knowledgeable about the implications and compliance issues involved.
HRG's Strategic Training Solutions
Does your company provide a work environment where individuals feel comfortable, safe and respected?  HRG's Strategic Training Solutions (STS) has developed Building Respect in a Diverse Workplace, a workshop designed to provide employees and managers with the information they need to create a work environment where trust and respect prevail.
STS has started to work with area businesses to help them prepare for the challenges and compliance issues and solutions to meet the mandatory requirements for New York State employers.
STS Building Respect in a Diverse Workplace Workshop topics include:
  • What is Appropriate Workplace Behavior?
  • The Impact of Harassment
  • Laws Governing Workplace Behavior
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Review of your Company Policy
  • Managing a Harassment-Free Workplace
For more information, contact Laura McNerney at Strategic Training Solutions, at 914.761.7111 or email Laura@HRGinc.net
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