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Fall has arrived on schedule, and everyone seems to be back in full swing again after a late summer break. Here at HRG we find ourselves in sprint mode, as we prepare for one of the busiest seasons in our 20 year history. For many, this is also a time to start planning for events to come. And as any successful, experienced event planner will tell you, there is always pressure to offer new, innovative elements and options to create a truly memorable experience. 
In this month's newsletter, we take a look what's trending in creative food and beverage options with a local flavor, including many that are literally growing right here in the Hudson Valley.
Speaking of the Hudson Valley and F&B, we could not have picked a better time to salute our good friends from the  Hudson Valley Economic Development Corporation , as part of our year-long 20th Anniversary celebration. Larry Gottlieb and his team at HVEDC have been an invaluable resource in identifying important industries and growing our regional economy
and we are proud to partner with the HVEDC on their upcoming Beer, Wine, Spirits and Cider Summit. Please join us in congratulating Larry, Brian Gates, and the HVEDC team for their hard work and dedication to drive our economy forward!

We look forward to hearing from you about future topics, and invite you to comment and post on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages. 
Wishing you a great start to your fall season!


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What's On Your Fall Event Menu?
With the fall event season in full swing, event planners are responding to the demand for more unique experiences with regional venues that offer a distinctively different flavor. From the farm to table movement to working farms that offer a  mix of entertainment and education on how they cultivate their businesses, there seems to be an insatiable thirst for engaging with local fare.
As budgets continue to shrink and the cost of food and beverage are on the rise, event planners are confronted with an ongoing challenge - to balance their need to toe the line on costs, as they cater to more creative tastes. 

This article Meet Better, Eat Better in Successful Meetings featured a conversation with celebrity chef Guy Alfieri, as he shared ideas on creating menus for memorable events using local F&B. 
Regional Fare- The "Farmer to Table" Movement

Here in our back yard, there has been a tremendous surge in interest from event planners looking to create truly unique experiences for their guests. 

We are even seeing farmers join diners at their tables, as they describe what went into growing the crops that ended up as dishes that the chefs prepared for them. 
Local Inspiration
Venues and catering teams pride themselves on serving regional specialties, and today, local is taking on a whole new meaning. Guests and attendees who experience home-grown seasonal food items enjoy their experiences, and share them with their colleagues and friends. 
This article in Hudson Valley Magazine, Home Grown covered the rapid growth of local F&B that is becoming one of the fastest growing industries in New York State. 
Local Wine and Craft Beer
The quest for everything craft and local extends beyond veggies and vineyards. Popular choices for beverages include local estate wines, craft beers, farm fresh ciders, heritage spirits and tours of the farms that produce them.

Event planners work closely with these venues to offer unique food and beverage options.   
Healthy and Sustainable Food
Many events include these menu options, as venues and catering teams respond to the increased demand for offerings that include healthy menu items that are locally sourced, organic, fairly traded, seasonal, and do not need to be processed.

Here in the Hudson Valley, these trends have come together, offering event planners a unique opportunity to create unforgettable experiences, ranging from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park to the hundreds of farms and restaurants that offer tours at regional wineries, cideries, breweries and spirits.

Hudson Valley Table highlighted seasonal offerings with menus featuring locally grown purple vegetables from leading chefs including Chef Joe Sasso of NY Hospitality Group and Sam's of Gedney Way in White Plains.
There are also a number of wine, spirits, cider and craft beer tours to satisfy the demanding palates of visitors, including event planners and their guests.

Also, regional food distributors including Ace Endico have used local products for themed events, including their annual food show at Yankee Stadium. 
Event Planning Tips for Creative Menu Options
In order to create a memorable event, savvy event planners are taking advantage of local fare to offer a distinctly different experience for the attendees.
Here are some ideas our HRG Event Solution Team recommends to help you create a "wow" experience:  
  • Feature Area Traditions, including culinary offerings with a taste of the region's culture and hospitality and leave them with lasting memories.
  • Offer specialty food stations instead of plated, more formal settings, to get people to move and mingle, and you will usually lower your costs. Make each specialty station a different take on a theme. 
  • Make Your Own! Your attendees can be part of the event if you offer cooking demonstrations or create their own cocktails with local producers 
  • Go retro. Nothing gets guests talking quite like nostalgia, and there are many historic venues along the Hudson River. 
  • Healthy Options- Create your own salad line with local vegetables and dressings, and offer healthier options. 
  • Family Style- By literally sharing a meal from a common platter, guests will be sure to start conversations with one another. 
Creative Meeting & Event Solutions
Event planners need to be as creative as possible to engage their audiences effectively and optimize ROI. Do you need help in planning your next event or meeting presentation? The HRG Event Solutions team is here to help you!

To learn more about our event management consulting services and strategic planning, call Hospitality Resource Group at (914) 761-7111 or email

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