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Greetings friends and colleagues,

Thank you again for all of the well wishes we have received as we celebrate our 20 year anniversary here at Hospitality Resource Group! As we continue to hear from you at area events and on our social media, we are reminded once again about the value of relationships that we have worked so hard to develop over the years.

We are very excited to be where we are today, as we have met the challenges head-on and prepare to move forward in growing the public and private sectors in the New York metro area.

And as our market expands, we are reminded every day that the success of our company is due in large part to the strategic partners who share our values in paying attention to the small details, as this plays such an important role in how we serve our clients.
In this month's HRG Newsletter, we review the impact of new technology on the effectiveness and ROI from meetings and events, and highlight innovation and trends to watch for from our strategic partners Corporate Audio Visual Services and other industry leaders. 

Next month, we will recognize our friends at New York Hospitality Group and their contributions that cater to the growing demand for innovative culinary creations.

We hope you enjoy this edition of our newsletter. If you have a topic you would like us to cover about event planning and management, workforce development, or marketing communication and branding, please let us know, or comment and share on our HRG LinkedIn Group  or Facebook page.
Wishing you continued success in your meeting and event plans this spring!

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Innovative Technology Delivers Meeting Solutions

There is no shortage of challenges in planning and executing a successful meeting or event, as any experienced M&E planner will tell you. One of the most challenging is the presentation.

From an intimate board meeting to a national conference, attendees measure their ROI from the event or meeting media - and the message.

Recently, a number of industry reports have shed light on the continued improvements in AV that have had a dramatic impact on attendees. According to the recently released Spring Meetings Outlook from MPI:

"Audiovisual partners have an increasingly powerful role in the outcome of successful events...the rising importance of audiovisual options and suppliers in influencing the quality of the attendee experience and the overall costs of meetings are key trends in the industry."
Advances in technology are being cited as the most significant elements in producing a successful meeting or event. Bill Voegeli, president of Association Insights, said "The quality of their (AV) products has increased dramatically because of the successful integration of AV and IT."

A growing number of meeting professionals are on record as willing to make investments in AV, as it "brings a competitive edge to their meetings." According to Kelly Bertog of SilverCrate, "At events, you have to find ways to use the AV to create something they are not just going to find on Facebook."
Hybrid Meetings

From the experiential wonders of virtual reality, to the silent DJ, all boundaries are being pushed by the demand for innovation and interaction. New technologies are fueling the expansion of webcasting and video to offer efficiency and collaboration for the next wave: the Hybrid Meeting.
Today, Facetime, Facebook Live, and other apps offer highly customizable user experiences complete with company branding to display on virtually any type of media, as forward-thinking businesses pioneer these new platforms which cater to specific audiences in a completely private and secure way.
Presentations once geared to an in-house audience are now broadcasted live, around the block or around the world, as presenters interact with their remote audiences in real time via Q&A features. 
Industry leader Corporate Audio Visual Services has seen a major spike in the number of events that cater to remote audiences. 
According to Corporate Audio Visual Services president Joe Guilderson: "We have seen dramatic growth in the demand for more interaction, and hybrid meetings and events have increased over 90% in the past two years. This trend is being driven by our clients who need to deliver a consistent message, regarding both branding and content, in a timely manner across all divisions of an organization.
Executives have the ability to communicate directly with their entire workforce, whenever and however they want, allowing them to have a more engaged and more productive team."
Smarter AV

Meeting professionals are also incorporating smartphones to enhance AV, as mobile technologies have been proven to enhance learning, improve productivity, and increase engagement.

The Cvent Crowd Compass Activity Feed makes it easier for attendees to engage and connect within an event or conference app.
Game On!
A growing number of event participants grew up playing video games, and they have played a major role in event gamification. Today, there are over 
1.8 billion gamers worldwide, and the popularity of gamification can be seen everywhere. M&E planners have responded by creating more interactive and immersive experiences through game design, as millennials enjoy participating in these new platforms to be more engaged during meetings and events. 
Presentation Software
There are also a number of presentation platforms that have impacted the meeting and event industry, as this article on CustomShow describes offerings from Slidenote, Prezi, and Keynote. offers  a new resource to enhance conference presentations, update attendees on meeting agendas, share event location or venue information, and to record and share your ideas or messages online - simply and cost effectively.
AV for Meetings & Events Market - Challenges and Solutions

Event planners need to be as informed and prepared as possible to engage their audiences effectively and optimize ROI. Do you need help in planning your next event or meeting presentation? The HRG Event Solutions team is here to help you!

To learn more about our event management consulting services and strategic planning, call Hospitality Resource Group at (914) 761-7111 or email 
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