March 2017

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Greetings my friends,
We are very pleased and proud to be celebrating our 20th anniversary in business here at Hospitality Resource Group, and I would like to take this time to thank you for your support over the last 20 years.
It has been an amazing experience for all of us who were involved in the formation of HRG as an event management company, working (literally) from my garage back in 1997. Back then, I realized there was an opportunity to create a new company centered on partnerships and the principles of hospitality that I had learned working at the Marriott Corporation.     

Following one of our first major events, the American Red Cross annual "Touch of Red" fundraising gala honoring President Clinton, I was encouraged by the positive response we received, as it led to referrals that sparked the growth of our company.  
1997 - Retrospective on Major Events and More

Looking back twenty years ago, there were a number of major events taking place during our first year at HRG that many of us remember, including:
  • The Lion King made its debut on Broadway
  • Princess Diana's funeral was watched by 1.5 billion people
  • Tiger Woods became the youngest golfer to win the Masters
  • Steve Jobs returned to Apple Inc.
  • WorldCom and MCI announced the largest merger in history
  • Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls won their second straight NBA title
HRG - The Formative Years 

HRG has enjoyed steady growth through the years, as our clients have come to rely on us as true partners who deliver results year after year. As we gained their trust, these customers looked to us for more than event management consulting, and this led to our expansion into corporate training and event marketing with the launch of HRG's Strategic Training Solutions and Allegis Communications.

Although HRG continued to expand over the years, we also had to deal with our share of adversity. Like many of us, we faced significant challenges to stay afloat following the 9/11 terrorist attacks and stock market crash of 2008. Fortunately, our reputation for quality and referrals kept us going, and we emerged stronger than ever. 
Today, we continue to rely on our strategic partners to create and cultivate partnerships with our long-term clients and new customers to build upon our success. And as we begin our year-long celebration, we would like to start by saluting those who helped us deliver on our promise to be your "Total Business Link". 

This month, we recognize Wayne Printing , as they have been a trusted strategic partner in supporting our clients since our early years. Like HRG, 
Wayne Printing has developed a reputation for delivering high quality services from graphic design to desktop publishing for over 20 years. 
Working together, HRG and our strategic partners continue to deliver for our clients, who enjoy the benefits of partnering with innovative entrepreneurial small businesses.

Next month, we will recognize the Westchester County Association, as they have played a leading role in promoting a strong business community here in our home county for many years.

We hope you enjoyed this edition of our newsletter. If you have a topic you would like us to cover and learn more about on event planning and management, workforce development, or marketing communication and branding, please let us know.

We look forward to receiving your comments. You may also follow us on our  HRG LinkedIn Group page and Like us on our  Facebook  page.
Wishing you continued success, as we look forward to spring!

Regards and best,
Robert O. Sanders Jr., CMP
Managing Partner
Hospitality Resource Group, Inc.  

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