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Thank you all for helping us celebrate our 20th anniversary here at Hospitality Resource Group! We thank you once again for your support over the last 20 years, and look forward to working with you for many years to come.

As we turn our thoughts to the future, it is exciting to see all the positive changes happening in today's workforce. And while some of these developments will certainly challenge the status quo, forward- thinking organizations are developing new and innovative ways to improve productivity and enhance the work experience in developing more fulfilling careers.

In this month's HRG Newsletter, we review some of the shifts in workforce training and professional development that are improving how we feel about our jobs, and the contributions we can make.

We would also like to take this opportunity to salute our colleagues at the Westchester County Association, as they have continued to drive economic vitality and development in our home county of Westchester, as a strong and clear voice to promote a vibrant workforce on a regional, state, national and international level.  
Over the past year, we have enjoyed working with the WCA on a number of important, strategic workforce development projects, including the Hudson Valley Jobs Waiting program, as we have been involved in preparing job candidates to return to work, and engaged area employers to hire over 150 graduates of the Jobs Waiting Boot Camps. 

Next month, we will recognize our friends at New York Hospitality Group, as they have been tremendously supportive to our clients over the years.

We hope you enjoy this edition of our newsletter. If you have a topic you would like us to cover about event planning and management, workforce development, or marketing communication and branding, please let us know, or comment and share on our HRG LinkedIn Group or Facebook page.

Wishing you continued success this spring!

Regards and best,

Robert O. Sanders Jr., CMP
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Workforce Training- Evolution in Engagement Driving Professional Development

Businesses and organizations across a broad swath of industries are responding to the needs of millennials and others in a multigenerational workforce who are looking to become more interactive and engaged in their careers, and in each other. From employee evaluations to workforce development, HR managers have recognized the need to develop new and innovative ways to retain staff in a near-fully employed job market.

A growing trend that has become a central part of this strategy is to invest in and promote employee engagement, as studies show that they have direct correlations to customer retention and loyalty.

According to the marketing firm Demand Metric, "the majority of organizations that have high employee engagement rates retain over 80% of their customers."
Employee Engagement ROI

As we move to engage an increasing intergenerational workforce, the day to day experience of today's worker has come front and center. According to a recent report from Forbes on 2017 trends in training: 

"35% of millennials rank quality training and development programs as the most desirable quality in a workplace - yes, even higher than salary."

This trend appears to be driven by organizations that realize workers who are fully engaged can actually help them improve their bottom line, and that bringing out the best in their people can help them achieve their career goals and also generate a better ROI. As they continue to invest in their people, they have come to realize the importance of creating a culture to help them reach their maximum potential.

The Forbes study also indicated that 83% of HR cited "employee experience" as either important or very important to their organizations' success, with 56% of respondents stating that they plan to invest more in training.

The Lyndhurst Mansion in Tarrytown, NY Bowling Alley
Other research reveals the growing importance of the demand for more interactive, engaged employees, including:
  • 63% of the workforce was engaged in 2016 (Aon Hewitt)
  •  49.5% of employees "not engaged" (Gallup) 
  • Millennial turnover costs U.S. $30.5 billion/yr (Gallup)
  • 41% of Millennials expect to be in their current job for 2 years or less, vs. 17% of Gen X and 10% of Boomers (Job Applicator Center)
  • 51% of Millennials plan to leave their company in the next 2 years, vs. 37% of GenX and 25% of Boomers (Lightspeed)
  • 47% of Americans would leave for their ideal job- even if it meant less pay (Adobe)
Organizational Development : Innovative Training Solutions 

Based on current research on the psychology of work and the demands of an increasingly diverse workforce, organizations have continued to move away from rankings and annual evaluations. The new trend is moving towards a commitment to performance management and coaching that gathers input from employees as a part of an ongoing process. 

At HRG's Strategic Training Solutions, a 
growing number of our clients are looking for a more immersive experience to retain employees. Over the past year, forward-thinking clients have reached out to us to help them refresh or redesign their processes to help promote further engagement.

One example of this effort is our partnership with the Hudson Valley Economic Development Corp and the program we developed with their Food and Beverage Alliance. This program was developed to train small business entrepreneurs in sales and marketing as a platform to engage their companies and staff in a more immersive and interactive approach. Working closely with our strategic partner, HRG has facilitated sales training for their Bet On My Business Academy that includes a group of entrepreneurs who are immersed in training to help them improve their marketability in the fast-paced, hyper growth food and beverage industry.
HRG Strategic Training Solutions

To help companies realize the untapped potential of their entire workforce, STS offers interactive workshops that help employees and managers increase their individual contributions to their organizations, and further establish and enhance the link between work satisfaction and job performance.

Think your Performance Management strategy needs a fresh approach? The HRG Strategic Training Solutions team is here to help you! To learn more about our custom designed workforce training and staff development solutions, call Hospitality Resource Group at (914) 761-7111 or email Laura@hrginc.net.
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