August 2015
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A Letter from our Chairman:

The summer months seem to come and go so quickly, and this year is certainly no exception. As I have heeded the call from colleagues, friends and family to "hurry up and slow down", before you know it we will all be back in the huddle "calling plays" for our next meeting or event!
This month, our Hospitality Resource Group newsletter looks at summer as an "off season", as we consider what we can do in the increasingly rare down times when we can take a step back before we move forward.  
We hope you enjoy this quick end of summer read, and look forward to hearing from you about this month's topic, or other topics you may be interested in. As always, we invite you to Follow us on our HRG LinkedIn Group page. And, in case you missed them, we have posted this and all past editions of our monthly HRG eblasts, and our Spring/Summer Newsletter, on our website at HRG In the News.

See you in September!

All the best,

Robert O. Sanders, Jr., CMP
Founder and Chairman
Hospitality Resource Group, Inc.

Strategic Event Planning - From Off Season to Post Season 

The summer season is winding down, and many of us are still enjoying a break from the hectic, day-to- day responsibilities of planning and managing events. And while we could all use the down time, a growing number of forward-thinking meeting event planners engage in some kind of "sabbatical", as they reflect on their approach, review their ROI, and re-energize their battery packs for the fall. 

Before your summer sun sets, we thought this would be a good time to share some best practices in event planning, to help prepare you for your end-of-year events andstart looking ahead to 2016. 

As the NFL resumes their summer camp training schedule, coaches and quarterbacks are huddling up to review what has worked, and consider adding a few wrinkles, as they refine their game plans to prepare for a 16+ game schedule. 

Whether you are preparing for an NFL season, or a major meeting or event, the more you prepare and plan, the more likely you and your team will be able to achieve your goals. 

The development of a successful game plan is ongoing, and never ending. And as the old adage about repeating the same methods and expecting different results is as true today as ever, perhaps there is something we can do more of in our off seasons.

According to HRG's CEO Michael Lattari, here are some key areas to consider in developing and managing a successful meeting or event, based on our 18+ years working with clients:

Develop Your Event GoalsHave you held post-event meetings that encouraged input and participation by all stakeholders in your event? Has there been an honest and direct exchange of views and opinions by all of those connected to your success?

Review Event FeedbackTake a closer look at that survey you put together, and then take a hard look in the mirror. Can you do better as a manager or leader? Are you listening closely to what attendees are saying about improving your event? Evaluate the highs and lows of past events, from content to keynote speakers, F&B, entertainment, venue, etc.

Draft Your Team- Over the next few weeks, NFL coaches will evaluate the talent they need to play key roles in their on-field success. Are there any skills or experience gaps in your staff? Is it time to look at adding resources or an experienced consultant who can contribute in areas where you came up short.

Contact Sponsors- This is a great time to meet with sponsors who make a real difference in your ability to achieve your goals. Reach out to them now to position for holiday or 2016 events. Ask them about their strategy and plans, and make sure you are aligned with their goals.     

Evaluate Your Strategic PartnersAsk any successful event planner, and they will tell you that your choice of partners play a huge role in the outcome of your event. Have you become too comfortable working with some who no longer strive to achieve the reputation you have earned? Is your media partner really working hard to help promote and position your event? With your reputation on the line, you cannot risk your client relationship for friendships.  Make sure you remain on the same page!

Tweak Your Marketing- This is a great time to review the way you present and communicate with attendees, sponsors and partners. Make sure your content and design are fresh and relevant. Research your competitors. Incorporate innovative ideas in promoting and running your event.  
Event Planning and Management Partnerships  

In order to maximize your efforts and minimize your cost overruns, it is important to consider the importance of planning as a year-round process. Now is a perfect time to evaluate the performance of your partners and your staff, review your spending plans, and take steps to improve you ROI. Working with a meeting and event management consultant can provide insight and expertise in developing a strategy, working with vendors, securing and communicating with venues, preparing and positioning speaker presentations, fundraising, promotions and so much more. 

Hospitality Resource Group's Event Solutions team has been a leader in planning, developing, producing and managing high profile events for the past 18 years, in partnership with major corporations, not- for-profit organizations and healthcare leaders.

Recently, HRG has worked with NYU Lutheran Medical Center, Guiding Eyes for the Blind, the Foundation for Empowering Citizens with Autism (FECA), the American Diabetes Association and the  Westchester County Association. Are you looking to gain an inside track working with an experienced event management partner? For a no cost initial consultation, call HRG- Event Solutions at (914) 761-7111 or email
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